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Chinese New Year: The Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year starts on February 1, 2022, and will end on February 15, 2022, though traditionally, Chinese Lunar New Year activities have begun as early as three weeks before Chinese New Year’s Eve (which is on January 31, 2022).

Key dates:

  • New Year’s Eve: January 31, 2022

  • New Year’s Day: February 1, 2022

  • The Lantern Festival: February 15, 2022

This public holiday results in seven days off for employees (as a public holiday, Chinese people will get January 31 – February 6, 2022, off), though celebrations can last for more than two weeks.

That said, expect factory shutdowns for two weeks or so. This is because the Chinese new year shutdowns are usually followed by mass demand from businesses that need to make up for the two weeks worth of delayed products.

For those of us who rely on shipping and manufacturing businesses, the Chinese New Year shutdown is an event that we need to be aware of (and prepared for) in advance to avoid delays that could be catastrophic to our businesses.

Even if you’ve been through this before, it’s important to note that CNY in 2022 is 11 days earlier than in 2021, and COVID-19 and other logistics challenges such as raw material shortages can have unexpected consequences across the supply chain.

Get prepared for the year of the tiger with the best kind of red envelope, keeping your business in stock of inventory!

Chinese New Year 2022: How will it affect my business?

Suppose your business relies on manufacturers in China or the other countries that celebrate the holiday. In that case, the Chinese New Year shutdown will probably affect your business — even if the factory is just one step in your supply chain.

  • Halted production

  • Reduced product quality

  • Shipping delays

How should I prepare?

Since you know the Chinese New Year shutdown is coming, you can act now to reduce the possibility of unplanned delays and keep your business running smoothly.

Here are a few suggestions that will keep you ahead:

  1. Plan early

  2. Increase inventory

  3. Communicate with your supplier

  4. Implement quality management

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